Pine Valley Mountain Riders

Board of Directors
Ernie Smith                   619-445-8313

Karen Richmond    760-443-5763

Vito Randazzo        631-806-6009

Barbara Minton


President Dyan Paquette 619-322-0009

Vice Pres Myria Warner

Secretary Marty Parker 619-508-4198

Treasurer Gayla Robles 619-871-7723

Trail Boss Bill O’Brien 619-443-4222
Public Liason Marty Jorgensen 619-307-0276

Facebook Admin Ernie Smith email submissions to
Membership Services Jan Herrera 318-6127
Hoof Prints Editor Karen Richman
Items for the newsletter should be to the editor by the 25th of each month.
Sunshine Lady Robin Smith 619-445-8313 or
Please notify Robin if you know of someone who needs a card sent