New Pine Valley Mountain Riders

  1. No Stallions are allowed on trail rides.

  2. Keep your horse one horse-length behind others.

  3. Horses that are known kickers must have a red ribbon tied to their tail.

  4. Do not stop unnecessarily. If a stop is necessary, move off to the side of the trail and advise the Trail Boss that you are stopping.

  5. Stay behind the Trail Boss at all times.

  6. Do not lag behind the group. Stay in front of the drag rider, with the rider in front within sight.

  7. Do not run or trot up behind another animal.

  8. When passing, advise the rider in front of your intention, and do so at a walk.

  9. Stay on designated trails.

  10. Dogs are not allowed on trail rides.

  11. Ride single file in hazardous areas.

  12. If you bring it in, you pack it out.

  13. Leave all gates as you found them.

  14. No smoking on the trail.