New Pine Valley Mountain Riders



                                                       RIDE RULES & TRAIL ETIQUETTE


1.    No stallions are allowed at camp or on trail rides.


2.    All horses are capable of kicking when pressured by another horse. Keep your distance to avoid problems. If your horse is a known kicker, please tie a RED ribbon on the tail as a warning to other riders.


3.    When riding single file on a narrow trail, please do not stop your horse for water. This causes a hold up to everyone behind you, move off to the side of the trail or wait for a larger area to water your horse.


4.    If in a group ride, do not lag behind by a large distance, this makes it difficult for the lead rider to keep track of riders and possibly cause you to loose the group by taking a wrong trail direction.


5.    If you need to catch up with the group do not run or trot up behind another horse, allow yourself plenty of stopping area as not to "spook" the horses in front.


6.    If you want to get ahead or around another rider, verbally tell them of the action you want to take.


7.    If you must smoke while on the trail, use common sense as to where you are, the fire conditions at that time and extinguish your smoke and take it out with you. Never toss a cigarette, whether you think it is out or not.


8.    Please stay on designated trails. Making your own trail or taking a short cut is strictly enforced because of erosion problems it can cause.


9.    For the safety of your riding partners please keep a single file in hazardous areas. You and your horse may be capable of handling a situation, but by charging through, you can cause another rider an accident by your actions.


10.  Follow all Park Rules. You are responsible for being aware of the rules.


11.  Do not dispose of any trash or containers on the trail. If you brought it in you can pack it out. Bushes are not "waste cans" and no one likes to see someone else's trash as part of the scenery. Please pick up someone else's trash when you can and make our riding areas more pleasant for all.


12.  Close all gates whether they were open when you arrived or not. Don't presume you have someone behind you to close the gate later.


13.  Do not chase cattle or other natural habitat animals. Scattering cows, etc., upset the animals and can cause loss of privileges to ride on rangeland.


14.  Please be aware there are animal traps set directly off the trails in Tragedy Canyon in the Noble Mine area to Mt. Laguna, and the Descanso Riding and Hiking Trail. These traps are legal if stamped or tagged. Their size may not endanger a horse, but could cause a dangerous situation if caught in one. Be alert when off your horse.


15.  Watch out for snakes at all times! There are many volunteers trained (Mounted Assistance Unit) in advanced first aid who carry snake antiserum and first aid kits in their saddle bags that can assist you or your horse should the need arise.


16.  Have a safe and happy day with your horse, fellow equestrians and the great outdoors!