Pine Valley Mountain Riders


In the beginning, we were known as “Equestrian Trails Incorporated” (ETI) Chapter 105.  ETI-105 was paying their annual dues to ETI, but not getting their moneys worth and didn’t feel they were represented by the national office.  In 1982, not happy with ETI, Chapter 105 met and with the determination of the founding fathers; Luke Barbour Sr. and Ray Walker, set out to form a new club. This meeting would lead up to the beginning of “Pine Valley Mountain Riders” (P.V.M.R.).  Following the separation from ETI, P.V.M.R. would conduct its monthly meetings at Luke Barbour's “Short Branch Saloon” located at the back of his Descanso property on Highway 79, to discuss the club, establish by-laws and form a charter that would make P.V.M.R. and organization that would benefit the equestrian community.  After the meetings, Luke would always conjure up some great margaritas along with tons of peanuts.  People would belly up to his bar (which later became a bench in the Descanso Town Hall), sit on old saddles, that he converted into barstools, and enjoy each others company. 

As a club, P.V.M.R. conducted fund raisers.  The proceeds from these fund raisers went to many noteworthy organizations that are concerned with the betterment of the equestrian community, trails improvement, support for Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, handicapped children, and animal protection.  In the past, the Poker Ride in Pine Valley was a great fund raising success, but not to be out done, in 1994, our now world famous “Carne Asada” dinner was started and has proven to be our greatest contributor to raising the funds we donate each year and in turn provides much needed support for the Descanso town hall.  P.V.M.R. also participates in local events, such as the Pine Valley Days and the Descanso Days Parades.

P.V.M.R. is a great riding and camping, family orientated club, with monthly rides and/or overnight campouts at great locations around our San Diego County and Southern California.  We also have theme ride, such as Halloween rides and Saint Patrick Day rides.  Our monthly Spring through Summer )pot-luck) meetings are conducted Harry and Joannie Buckel’s Ranch in Descanso and our cooler months meetings are at the Descanso Town Hall (all meetings are conducted on the second Wednesday of the month).  At the end of each year, we celebrate Christmas with a dinner/dance for our members at the historic Descanso Town Hall.
P.V.M.R. is a great riding club!

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